"There is no one I've met in this world who is more dedicated and wholeheartedly committed to their spiritual journey than you, and that commitment and fearlessness has inspired my pursuits in ways that I thought would take a lifetime to achieve. I dream about a world where these lessons are at the forefront of our lives from the beginning and wonder if it were so how humanity and our planet would evolve for the better."

"You embody the patience, strength, and confidence of a coach as a living example of the work that you already do in this world, a world that is made better by your presence. So many people have found fulfillment, comfort, and peace with your help and I'm eager to see how many more lives and hearts you will touch as your journey continues."

"You have guided me through some of my darkest valleys and some of my highest mountains. Allowing me a safe space to feel my emotions and see my own truths. Giving me the guidance to release those emotions, habits, and thoughts in which do not serve me. Yet; providing me the tools to practice and exercise new habits, truths, and emotions in which do serve me. Your compassion, commitment, and grace through all that you do make me feel worthy and the struggles obtainable when I doubt myself. You have provided me with priceless tools to heal and cope with the ebb and flow of life. I am forever grateful!"

"You helped me so much this week. You're a great coach, teacher, and friend."

"Thank you. Thank you for showing me compassion. Thank you for being real with me, which sometimes meant calling me on my bullshit, and sometimes meant talking to me like a friend, human to human. Thank you for sharing parts of yourself with me, for letting me see that someone I admired greatly was also flawed. Thank you for exemplifying strength through vulnerability. Thank you for showing up, as you did, fully, with love, every time."