Back to School Reset 

September 1 - October 10

Registration ends August 25th

Deep breath. Self check-in. Body scan. How are YOU?


Tired? Energized? Motivated? Scattered? Nervous? Excited? Angry? Frustrated? 

You Are Welcome here. 

Let us create and collaborate in a container that allows us to specify our true desire and walk each other on the path of fulfillment. Let us recommit to ourselves as we transition into a new season full of possibility. When you take the first bold step and say yes, the commitment and flourishing will follow.  

This program will feature various teachers and coaches who will lead us in their zone of genius. If you want to pair this program with a 40-day superfood reboot transformation, there will be support for this journey also. 


Are you ready to commit to your highest self? Are you ready to walk with me on a journey as we remove obstacles? Are you ready to shake off past patterns and thoughts? Let's descend and ascend together!

40-Day Back to School Program

~ Meditation Mondays: Guided meditation 

~ Tell the Truth Tuesdays: Share your personal truth in the group to be witnessed

~ Wellness Wednesdays: Wellness tips and support led by Alec Vishal Rouben

~ Tune-up the financial abundance Thursdays: Increasing the frequency of abundance led by Chelsea Kyle and others

~ Freedom Fridays: Take Fridays to indulge in self-care and your personal desires

~ Set your Intention Saturdays: Name your intention out loud to the group for the following week

~ Sacred Scheduling Sundays: Tips on how to plan your week in a holistic way that incorporates your whole being and needs 

The entire program will be within a Facebook Community with FB lives and prompts

$40 for 40 days of a supportive and activated community engaging in group transformation




For More information on 40-day reset 

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staff photo.jpg

Chelsea is a coach, death doula, and entrepreneur who is currently finishing her last year at Naropa receiving a Masters of Divinity. She spearheads the Faerie Collective and is excited to share her latest business with Purium.

Chelsea Kyle


Alec walks his talk on this Earth as a yoga teacher, health and wellness advocate, and mindful influencer. He is a lifelong learner, teacher, and brother who dedicates his life to truly moving towards mastering his unique offering of yoga into the world. 

Alec Vishal Rouben


Kim is a master manifester who truly walks her talk. She is an entrepreneur , yoga teacher, event planner, and ceremonialist. Kim will be leading workshops to help cultivate the frequency needed to truly activate intention setting that will lead to frutition of all that you desire. 

Kim Doyle

olga3a (1).jpg

Olga is a  Money Wizard Extraordinaire. Olga's unique approach combines formal financial literacy and education, compassionate inquiry, empathetic coaching, and spiritual and metaphysical practices, all aimed at creating the abundance in all areas of your life, raising vibrations and turning money & finances from a stresser into a sacred helper.

Olga Kuznetsova