Endeavors to Weave the Colony

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Bee The Shift -
Host of Shift Happens

Shift Happens is a quarterly 30-day offering. We interview inspiring people with honest and real (raw, emotional, authentic, love) dialogue. Shift Happens has completed 2 seasons and beginning on the 3rd season in December. We are moving to a Patreon membership soon and you can catch the replays on our Bee The Shift YouTube Channel.

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The Faerie Collective™ LLC

The Faerie Collective is a group of people who are committed to community, environmental solutions, and fun entrepreneurship within a collaborative economic structure. The magnet that pulls us all together is a ritualistic application of hair tinsel, also known as faerie hair! This is a popular service that is growing and allows clients to feel beautiful and blessed during the ceremonial offering, and when they go off into the world!

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I am an agent of change with Purium superfoods. This is a lifestyle transformation company that focuses on gut health, especially with the detoxification of glyphosate, the leading ingredient in Ready Roundup.

Be an Agent of Change here!

Ready to transform your body, detoxify, and feel your best? More information here: Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation

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Transform Today!

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ShaktiShiva Project LLC Coaching

One on one coaching and group coaching to launch you into the transformation and spread your wings as big as you want to fly!

Welcome to the path of your inner sovereignty