Mission of ShaktiShiva Project

Coaching other people to foster a connection to the Divine, balance, and intimate relationships are important to me because I am in the career path of being with folks at the end of life. There is a chance to either say that you did or did not have regrets in those last breaths. You can die in a community of loved ones or alone. You can live your life with an intention or at the whim of your circumstances.  


By starting with the end in mind, there is an opportunity to live wholeheartedly and as an effective steward of this planet and,  most importantly, to your soul contract. 


How do you Reconnect, Reclaim, Renew, and Renovate your story to have no regrets as your precious life comes to an end? 


It is important for me to share my strengths as a coach and share what I have already been cultivating and investing in. I meet many people struggling to tap into their gifts and confidence to pursue their goals. If each of these individuals had a little help, encouragement, and accountability, there could be innovative breakthroughs that could truly change the human story. 


We are all one colony sharing an Earth and we can rise or fall together. There is no more room for the lone wolf and I want to be a leader of a pack ready to strengthen our howls at the moon!